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The Nosebleed Seats: Week Twenty

January 28, 2011

Host Matt Ellis. Shot & Edited by Mark Cole.

Extreme Church Lifestyle

Church is a wonderful place to worship God and to assemble with other Christians. Unfortunately, some churches have made it a requirement to attend every numerous services. This requirement is not in the Bible. It is Legalism.

The Nosebleed Seats: Week Nineteen

January 20, 2011

Host Matt Ellis. Shot & Edited by Mark Cole.

Turkey and Black Bean Soup

Chad’s Turkey and Black Bean Soup

To make broth –

Full turkey body of bones with slight meat
One carrot
Two celery
Two onion

Bring to boil for a couple of hours

To make soup –

Lots of turkey white and dark meat –c hopped
6 medium potatoes — chopped
6 celery — chopped
1 ½ cup corn
1 orange bell pepper
½ purple onion
1 white onion
10 garlic
2 cup shredded carrot
1 ½ cup of dried black bean and soaked in 4 cup of cold water for 6-8 hours before include in soup
½ tsp thyme
½ tsp ground fire roasted cumin
1 tsp poutry seasoning
2 bay leaves
½ tsp celery seed
Sea salt to taste
Ground pepper to taste
½ tsp ground sage


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