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Recovery: Military Homebuyer Credit Deadline

A key deadline is fast approaching for military members planning to take advantage of the homebuyer tax credit.

Evolution is NOT a Science! (Apologetics)

*Apologetics series* This vlog purposes to clarify the distinction between science and Evolution. Evolution is NOT a a branch of science. It is a branch of philosophy, an expression of belief, and interpretation of scientific data/observation. Once one understand that distinction, it become easier to relate science to Bible and God.

Smoked Salmon Spring Roll


Spring roll skin
Red pepper
Green onion
Pesto Sauce
Smoked Salmon

Shred vegetables
Dip spring roll in hot water, so it becomes soft.
Take it out slowly and place in a wide plate. Place vegetables on the spring roll and add a little pesto sauce or smoked Salmon.
Makes 6 spring rolls

Very Healthy!

Are You a Better Christian Than Other Christians?

*Christian Unity series* Paul warn Christians about comparing or competing against other Christians. He asserts that all of us are God’s children. He cherish every of us. We need to reflect God’s love for all of his children. Be humble and united with other Christians.

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