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Everyone is Precious to God (Gospel)

*Gospel series* Some theology assert too much on sinfulness of humankind. It can influence Christians to de-humanize groups of people. God is the opposite. He cherish every individual in the world. He know who they are. He gave them life and the gift of eternal life.

The Nosebleed Seats: Week Thirteen

Hosts Matt Ellis and J.J. Puorro. Shot & Edited by Mark Cole.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 3)

Theme: Trust God
Story: Lisa has a new desk. She asks Billy to put it together for her. Billy is happy to do it, but he doesn’t think he needs to follow the designer’s directions, so he tosses them aside. Later Lisa comes back to see how Billy is doing, but the desk is an absolute mess. Lisa explains why Billy should always follow the designer’s directions. The one who created it knows more about the product than anyone else. Billy learns his lesson, follows the directions, and puts the desk together just the way it was supposed to be. ©2007 Silent Blessings, Deaf Video Communications, Deaf Missions. All Rights Reserved.

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