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Fresh Start

Find out all the ways the IRS is trying to help taxpayers get a Fresh Start when it comes to paying back taxes. Get even more details at

Gift Tax

Find out if you’ll need to pay the federal Gift Tax if you give someone money or property. Get even more details at

IRS Tax Payment Options

Find out how you can pay your federal income taxes without having to go into an IRS office.

Need More Time to File Your Tax Return?

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you just cannot file your tax return on time. If that’s the case for you this year, find out how you can get an extension of time to file your tax return.

Eleven Eleven

Written/Directed/Edited by Austin Chapman
Original Soundtrack by Cazz Brindis
Starring Mishy Turner
With Kevin Noel Leon, Joshua Howard, Matthew R. Duran, Jeff Newman, Molly Chapman, and Kelsey Chapman.
Directors of Photography- Taylor Bonin, Robby DeVillez, Courtney Branch, Sophia Bien, Matthew Fairfax, and Kenton Levin.
Additional Editors- Taylor Bonin, Tommy Biglow, Robby DeVillez, Matthew R. Duran, and George Mavredakis
Key Grip- Britt Donahue
Crew- Kyle Wade Helf and Matthew Robinson
Produced by Austin Chapman, Taylor Bonin and Robby DeVillez
Special Thanks- Matthew Fairfax (sweet house), Peter Chapman (ruined suits), Scott Looney (use of yacht), Robby DeVillez (coffin), and Karim/Ramy Habaski (fog machine)

Bible’s Harsh Words

When you read a passage that seem like harsh, remember Jesus spoke roughly to closed-mind and legalistic people. He did not intend his blunt words to be used against non-Christians.

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