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Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 13)

Theme: Be Responsible
Story: Billy fixes lunch and makes a mess in the microwave and on the break room table, but doesn’t clean it up. Dr. Wonder finds the mess and explains to Billy that this is not being responsible. It’s very important to be responsible for his things. God has given him many things, and he must be responsible and dependable. Billy cleans up the mess, and everyone is proud of him.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 12)

Theme: You Are Precious
Story: Paula’s husband and children come in to have lunch with her. Paula’s mother has sent them a CD with some pictures of Paula when she was a little girl. The family enjoys looking at the pictures together, but they notice Paula sometimes looks sad. When the children ask why, she explains that because her family was all hearing, she usually felt left out. But later she learned how very precious she is to God and that made all the difference!

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 11)

Theme: Never Give Up
Story: Dr. Wonder is working on a robot in the lab. He accidentally steps on a bad electrical cord and gets a nasty shock. He becomes like a robot. Billy, Paula and Lisa all try to help him come out of it, but everything they try fails. They feel like giving up, but they know they can’t. They must never give up. Finally, Billy decides to discharge the electricity by grounding Dr. Wonder and placing a light bulb in his mouth. The bulb lights up instantly, but then it slowly dims. At last Dr. Wonder is back to normal! The robot gets fixed and does a little celebration dance.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 10)

Theme: Keep Your Promises
Story: Dr. Wonder promised to take his daughter to an afternoon baseball game. But Billy accidentally spills hot coffee on Lisa’s back, and Dr. Wonder has to take her to the emergency room. When his daughter arrives at the lab, he is not there. She is upset that he broke his promise. On the way back home, she stops by the Finger Food Café and has a talk with Carlo. He helps her understand that sometimes things happen that we can’t control and promises must be delayed. Soon Dr. Wonder shows up. He has adjusted his schedule so he can take his daughter to the game the following day. They head home together.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 9)

Theme: Let Your Light Shine
Story: There is a terrible thunderstorm and all the lights go out in the lab. While Lisa and Dr. Wonder go to try to repair the problem, Billy decides he can make his way around the lab in the dark. So Paula turns off her flashlight and lets Billy grope around in the dark. He trips over things and breaks things. When Dr. Wonder returns, he sees what a mess the lab is in. He helps Paula learn that if we don’t let our light shine, people will just stumble around in the dark. And Billy learns to trust the light, not himself. We can fail. God will not.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 8)

Theme: Always Be Honest
Story: Paula has a problem. Every time she turns on the water at the sink in her lab, it sprays her in the face. She asks around to find someone to fix the plumbing. Billy claims he can do it. But his solution is silly and doesn’t work. It’s obvious he knows nothing about plumbing, but lied about it because he wanted to impress everyone. The whole staff teaches Billy that lying destroys trust. Pops finally comes to the rescue to fix the sink, and Billy promises to be honest all the time.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 7)

Theme: Obedience Is Important
Story: Pops and Dr. Wonder are working on a surprise — a new soft drink for the Finger Food Café. Dr. Wonder tells the staff not to go into his office until the project is finished. But one night Lisa goes into his office to straighten it up. She is so thirsty she drinks a green liquid sitting in a beaker on his desk. Her skin turns a bright green! Then Billy comes in and also drinks the liquid. When Dr. Wonder arrives, he sees the two green employees. Pops whips up an antidote and all is well, but they have learned a lesson about obedience!

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