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Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 8)

Theme: Always Be Honest
Story: Paula has a problem. Every time she turns on the water at the sink in her lab, it sprays her in the face. She asks around to find someone to fix the plumbing. Billy claims he can do it. But his solution is silly and doesn’t work. It’s obvious he knows nothing about plumbing, but lied about it because he wanted to impress everyone. The whole staff teaches Billy that lying destroys trust. Pops finally comes to the rescue to fix the sink, and Billy promises to be honest all the time.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 7)

Theme: Obedience Is Important
Story: Pops and Dr. Wonder are working on a surprise — a new soft drink for the Finger Food Café. Dr. Wonder tells the staff not to go into his office until the project is finished. But one night Lisa goes into his office to straighten it up. She is so thirsty she drinks a green liquid sitting in a beaker on his desk. Her skin turns a bright green! Then Billy comes in and also drinks the liquid. When Dr. Wonder arrives, he sees the two green employees. Pops whips up an antidote and all is well, but they have learned a lesson about obedience!

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 6)

Theme: Care For Others
Story: One of Dr. Wonder’s old friends is a magician. Dr. Wonder invites him to perform his act for the staff just before he leaves on a trip. The magician cannot take his pet rabbit with him, so he asks the staff to take care of the rabbit while he is away. But moments after he leaves for the airport, the rabbit has vanished. The whole staff looks and looks for the rabbit. Finally, they find him! He is in the arms of Pops at Dr. Wonder’s desk. They are all relieved, and they realize it’s very important to take good care of one another — yes, even rabbits!

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 5)

Theme: Don’t Hold On To Anger
Story: Billy is working on a project and it blows up over and over again. Finally, in disgust he loses his temper and smashes several things. Dr. Wonder teaches Billy about anger and helps him to understand how to channel his anger in positive ways. Billy learns how to control his anger and make it work for him, not against him.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 4)

Theme: Sharing Can Be Fun
Story: Dr. Wonder presents a new piece of equipment for the lab – a video camera. He explains that the equipment is very expensive and the lab can’t afford for each person to have one, so they will all need to share this one. But Billy wants to use it all the time. This causes a problem in the lab, and Dr. Wonder has to resolve the issue by teaching Billy how important it is to share.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 3)

Theme: Trust God
Story: Lisa has a new desk. She asks Billy to put it together for her. Billy is happy to do it, but he doesn’t think he needs to follow the designer’s directions, so he tosses them aside. Later Lisa comes back to see how Billy is doing, but the desk is an absolute mess. Lisa explains why Billy should always follow the designer’s directions. The one who created it knows more about the product than anyone else. Billy learns his lesson, follows the directions, and puts the desk together just the way it was supposed to be. ©2007 Silent Blessings, Deaf Video Communications, Deaf Missions. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Wonder’s Workshop (Season 1, Episode 2)

Theme: Respect Others
Story: Personal items are disappearing from the lab. Tools or equipment vanish from various workbenches. Later some of these are returned but wind up in a different place. Dr. Wonder investigates and finds that Billy is borrowing things without the permission of the owner. Paula sprays Billy with a formula that will turn him invisible for 30 minutes. He soon finds out that he is not happy when people look right through him. He learns to respect other people and their things.

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