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Beyond Essays

A deaf activist student, Wanda Macy, [Kalen Feeney] simply tries to get a passing grade so she can graduate from college, in spite of her malicious adversary, her English professor, Genevive Taylor, [Amber Zion] who only cares about winning a Distinguished Faculty of the Year award. Is there more to this relationship than we think?

A short film in American Sign Language– Subtitled in English for access.

Created by a chiefly female crew and with an entire deaf cast, this film is the first in its unique process of the writer creating all the lines in American Sign Language and giving the lines to the actors, instead of having them translate the English dialogue into ASL, for the sake of preserving the acting process and allowing the actors to build around the lines, instead of creating their own.

Eleven Eleven

Written/Directed/Edited by Austin Chapman
Original Soundtrack by Cazz Brindis
Starring Mishy Turner
With Kevin Noel Leon, Joshua Howard, Matthew R. Duran, Jeff Newman, Molly Chapman, and Kelsey Chapman.
Directors of Photography- Taylor Bonin, Robby DeVillez, Courtney Branch, Sophia Bien, Matthew Fairfax, and Kenton Levin.
Additional Editors- Taylor Bonin, Tommy Biglow, Robby DeVillez, Matthew R. Duran, and George Mavredakis
Key Grip- Britt Donahue
Crew- Kyle Wade Helf and Matthew Robinson
Produced by Austin Chapman, Taylor Bonin and Robby DeVillez
Special Thanks- Matthew Fairfax (sweet house), Peter Chapman (ruined suits), Scott Looney (use of yacht), Robby DeVillez (coffin), and Karim/Ramy Habaski (fog machine)

My Song

A young deaf girl learns sign language to try and find herself. Instead she becomes caught between the deaf and hearing worlds. A thought-provoking drama about deaf identity.

3 for 1

A Doctor meets a patient suffering from paranoia and hallucinations. As he tries to get to the root of her problems he uncovers an unexpected truth. Story & characters devised by students of ALRA’s BSL Acting for Camera course, July 2010.


She likes it pretty. He likes it RAW.

Directed & Produced by Jules Dameron
Written by Erik Call

Starring (In Order of Appearance)
Lexi Marman
Braam Jordaan
Jenn Kuhlman

Edited & Shot by Erik Call
Original Music by Russell Wiener
Sound Editing/Mixing by Nelson W. Oliveros
Hair & Makeup by Cat Elrod

Dead Money

A poker hustler, used to cheating his way to success, finally goes one step too far and loses his hand to a hardened criminal gang. He now faces a terrible ultimatum, pay the money he owes or loose a member of his own family. Can he out smart the gang, or has he totally underestimated them? A dark humoured thriller set against the gritty backdrop of the urban under-world, shows just how far desperate people will go to get what they want!
A debutant film written and directed by Bim Ajadi, awarded winner of the Ben Steiner Bursary, a £5,000 grant for Deaf Fest supported by Zebra Uno and Light House with funding from UK Film Council and Screen West Midland.

Writer and Director: Bim Ajadi 
Co-Producers: Rosa Rogers and Bim Ajadi

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