Quiet Campus: Homecoming

Michel plays his final Homecoming football game, Cesar anxiously awaits the announcement of Homecoming King, and Clayton gets the nerve to finally ask Taylor out.

Quiet Campus: Episode 2 – Anticipation

Homecoming is only one week away, and Michel, Cesar, Clayton and Taylor are all nervously awaiting the big day… for very different reasons.

Quiet Campus: Welcome to Gallaudet

In episode 1, meet the 4 students who will be giving you an inside look at what life is like on the campus of Gallaudet University, a college for the deaf in Washington D.C..

Quiet Campus: An Unseen Look Inside Deaf Culture

Quiet Campus goes inside the lives of four young, deaf college students from Washington D.C.’s Gallaudet University, the leading institution for liberal education for deaf and hard of hearing students. From football games and gossip to classrooms and parties, these students give mtvU viewers a compelling, unseen look inside campus life and “deaf culture” at Gallaudet.


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