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Extreme Church Lifestyle

Church is a wonderful place to worship God and to assemble with other Christians. Unfortunately, some churches have made it a requirement to attend every numerous services. This requirement is not in the Bible. It is Legalism.

Why Different Bible Versions?

Many different Bible versions can create confusion and the perception that Bible is corrupted. This is not so! The differences can be reconciled very easily. There is a good reason for this slight variations. This vlog hopefully will make you feel confident in whatever version you regularly read.


Jesus Christ in his day strongly warned us about a dangerous sect – Pharisees. Their teachings usually lead to spiritual bondage. Today the modern-day Pharisees are called Legalism.

An Earth-like planet?!?!

Some UFO & Evolution believers point to Gilese 581g as proof that there is life out there. How should Christians respond to that?

How Can We Forgive?

Some people struggle with forgiving others. Mostly they struggle because they can’t abide the concept of allowing the offender to scot free. This is not what Bible teach. There is actually two different words that would clarify the meaning of forgiveness.

Is the Bible Corrupt?

Many have criticized the Bible, even claiming that it is hopelessly corrupted beyond recognition. I always ask the accusers if they carefully checked the evidence if it is true or not?

Do Not Judge

One of most famous passages in the Bible. An better ASL translation is necessary to understanding this passage better. If we use correct signs then the verse will become more clear.

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