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Virtual Deaf Church

Unity on Easter
Easter is a beautiful and powerful symbol of Christian Unity. Literally millions of people assemble together and worship the risen Savior. They stand up and proclaim, “I believe!”

Bible’s Harsh Words

When you read a passage that seem like harsh, remember Jesus spoke roughly to closed-mind and legalistic people. He did not intend his blunt words to be used against non-Christians.

How Birds Can Fly (Genesis 1:20-21)

*Genesis chapter one series* How can our birds take off and fly with ease? Science show us that components that make flight for birds possible is exceeding complex. This advanced design point to a Creator and an Intelligent Designer.

Gospel of Love

*Gospel series* The intent of gospel is explained clearly in First John 4:7-11. This context of gospel should be each Christian’s first perceptive of everything. We should interpret everything through this lens.

Do not Judge – Every Christian is Different

Some Christians labels other Christians heretics, lukewarm, liberal, backsliddden, etc. Bible is very clear – don’t judge other Christians. Now this vlog explains why and compare differences in spiritual relationships to martial relationships.


*Postmodernism series* This vlog explores and define a new term. It mean there should not be many divisions of denominations. All churches are part of one true, universal Church.

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin?

You know that the commonly used cliche – “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” isn’t found anywhere in the Bible? Many Christians have used it to justify their judgemental approach. But it is not what Jesus practiced and taught during his ministry.

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