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Eurocentric Christianity (Postmodernism)

*Postmodernism series* Eurocentrism is a form of discrimination practiced by Westerners. Christians, as mandated by the Bible, should be respectful toward different cultures, languages, and religions. By understanding the world in a global basis would make one a better and compassionate Christian.

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Christmas Day is a holy day for Christians. It is the day we gather together to celebrate Christ’s birth. But some Christians has refuse to celebrate Christmas because of its pagan background. This vlog discuss sanctification of Christmas celebration and give a brief history of how Christmas changed through the years.

Proof for Global Flood? (Noah’s Ark)

*Noah’s Ark series* Is there reasonable proof that a global flood did happen in the past? Yes, there are evidences that point toward to a global flood. We will discuss Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, etc.

Everyone is Precious to God (Gospel)

*Gospel series* Some theology assert too much on sinfulness of humankind. It can influence Christians to de-humanize groups of people. God is the opposite. He cherish every individual in the world. He know who they are. He gave them life and the gift of eternal life.

Too Many Rules in Church (Legalism)

*Legalism series* Too many rules in church lead to spiritual bondage. That is not what God want for His church. He has given us conscience in our heart to guide our moral life. His Spirit works and move among our hearts, thus there is no need for strict, excessive rules.

Blue Whales Challenges Evolution! (Genesis 1:20-21)

*Genesis chapter one series* Blue whale is the largest mammal in the world. Its designs and functionality is very advanced and so complex that Evolution is hard-pressed to explain. It make more sense to believe in a Creator.

Dinosaurs in Noah’s Ark?

*Noah’s Ark series* People ask how can Christians account for dinosaurs in the Flood story. The answer is astounding! Noah took in dinosaurs into the Ark. How!?!

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