Enrique Iglesias – Hero

Executive Producer
Sean Berdy

Jules Dameron

Sean Berdy & Kristi Mahé

Director & Writer
Jules Dameron

Director of Photography
Erik Call

Jules Dameron

Creative Subtitles
Jules Dameron

ASL Translations
Sean Berdy & Tyler Berdy

Martha Anger

Production Designer
Martha Anger

Makeup & Hair
Tia Albert & Peg Teague

First Assistant Director
Dickie Hearts

Set Photographer
Amber Zion

Assistant Production Design
Amber Zion

ASL Consultant
Tyler Berdy & Lisa Hermatz

Matt Daigle & Quinn Cooke

Production Assistants
Nick Zerlentes & Ryan Barrett

Truck Driver
Tyrone Giordano

Special Thanks
Bob Arnold, Nick Zerlentes, Maisha Franklin & Everyone who volunteered

This film was created by with a cast & crew who are all deaf and hard of hearing.

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