Big Bible Stories: Gideon

Gideon was a man in the Bible who had to depend on God in a BIG way. When God told Gideon to lead the Israelites in battle, Gideon was not sure and asked God for some proof of His power. God proved that He has BIG power and that Gideon could depend on Him. Then God told Gideon to cut down his army to only 300 men! Were Gideon and his men able to defeat the huge army of Midianites? Watch and find out!

Join host Chad (Chad Entinger) in his attic as he takes you into his BIG BIBLE to meet Gideon (Robert Weiniger). See the Bible come to life, as Gideon tells his story in American Sign Language and interacts with animated characters found in the pages of the BIG BIBLE. Along the way, Chad will teach you some important signs and a Bible verse, and help you understand why it is important to depend on God like Gideon did.

Length: 26 minutes
Voice-overs: English
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